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30 second summary

  • Revenue growth was on average 7% per year in Umicore’s high growth potential activities
  • Umicore generated an average return on capital employed over the Vision 2015 period of 15%
  • € 1.2 billion was invested in growth projects and more than € 700 million in research and development
  • CO2 equivalent emissions were reduced by 26% compared to the baseline year of 2006 and compared to a targeted reduction of 20%
  • The impact of metal emissions to water and air were down 26% and 37% respectively compared to the targeted reduction of 20%
  • Umicore developed expertise and tools to measure the sustainability of products and services in all its business units
  • 99% of industrial sites have deployed a plan regarding accountability to the local community
  • 83% of selected suppliers have acknowledged adherence to Umicore’s Sustainable Procurement Charter
  • In occupational health, Umicore reduced metal excess readings by more than 50%.
  • By 2015 96% of employees received an annual development appraisal and nearly 70% of people worked in a site that received recognition as a preferred employer
  • Umicore did not achieve its aim of becoming an accident-free company with 47 accidents recorded in 2015, compared to 60 in 2011.