Annual report 2017

Annual report 2017


Our approach

The Umicore Way is the cornerstone of everything we do at Umicore. We believe that materials have been a key element in furthering the progress of mankind, that they are at the core of today’s life and will continue to be enablers for future wealth creation. We believe that metal-related materials have a vital role to play, as they can be efficiently and infinitely recycled, which makes them the basis for sustainable products and services. We want Umicore to be a leader in providing and creating material-based solutions to contribute to fundamental improvements in the quality of life.


We take a balanced approach to managing risk and seizing Opportunities to deliver on our strategic goals.

Risk management


Umicore strives to plan for the best possible future by remaining in a healthy and competitive position whilst considering global
economic, social and environmental megatrends.



The directors on the Board possess a diversity of skills, backgrounds and experience that help ensure that it is an effective governance body for Umicore.

Board experience


Umicore's governance framework balances a culture of entrepreneurship at the level of Umicore's business units with  effective steering and oversight processes.

Governance framework