Annual report 2017

Annual report 2017


Board experience

Umicore's board is diverse, with a good balance of skills, experience and independence.

10 Board Members

3 Female Members

6 Nationalities

6 Independent board members

The directors on the board possess a diversity of skills, backgrounds and experience that help ensure that it is an effective governance body for Umicore.

In terms of gender and cultural diversity, the board counts three women and six different nationalities among its 10 members. Diversity also arises from the board’s members educational backgrounds that includes engineering, law, economics, finance and applied languages. The board’s cumulative industry experience is broad, covering automotive, electronics, chemicals, metals, energy, finance and jewellery sectors. It also includes people experienced in the public and private sector and members with experience in the different regions in which Umicore is active. Collectively the board possesses strong experience of managing industrial operations and counts nine active or former Chief Executive Officers in its ranks. The board also has collective experience in disciplines that are specifically relevant to Umicore’s non-financial Horizon 2020 goals such as health and safety, talent attraction and retention and supply chain sustainability.

Detailed biographies of the Umicore Board members