Annual report 2016


Umicore at a glance

We are a global group focused on materials technology and recycling. Our work helps improve air quality, makes electric transport possible and tackles resource scarcity.

Experts in materials technology and recycling

We focus on applications where our expertise makes a real difference.

Key statistics


€ 2,667m

R&D spend

5.8% of revenues

Recurring EBIT

€ 351m

Revenues by geography
  • 49% Europe
  • 15% North America
  • 6% South America
  • 28% Asia-Pacific
  • 2% Africa
Resource efficiency
  • 14% End-of-life materials
  • 41% Secondary materials
  • 45% Primary materials

Global Positioning

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  • North America 831
  • South America 675
  • Europe 6,401
  • Africa 263
  • Asia-Pacific 1,751
  • North America 12
  • South America 4
  • Europe 24
  • Africa 1
  • Asia-Pacific 18
  • North America 3
  • South America 1
  • Europe 12
  • Asia-Pacific 4


Umicore provides automotive catalysts for gasoline and diesel light duty vehicles as well as for heavy duty diesel applications including trucks and off-road vehicles. The business group also produces precious metals based compounds and catalysts for use in the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries respectively.

Key figures

€ 1,163m Revenues

€ 152m Recurring EBIT

Main industries served

  • Automotive
  • Chemicals

Main end uses

Emission control for light and heavy duty vehicles, catalysts for life science and chemicals, pharmaceutical ingredients for cancer treatment

Key achievements

  • Earnings growth of 23%
  • Automotive catalysts production plant in Poland fully ramped-up for the European market
  • Opening of the expanded vehicle emission test laboratory in Auburn Hills, Michigan

Energy & Surface Technologies

Umicore’s products are found in applications used in the production and storage of clean energy, as well as in a range of applications for surface technologies that bring specific properties and functionalities to end products. All of the activities offer a closed loop service for their customers.

Key figures

€ 610m Revenues

€ 82m Recurring EBIT

Main industries served

  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Aerospace

Main end uses

Portable electronics, electrified vehicles, photovoltaics, semiconductors, machining and drilling tools, tires, fibre optics, LED, flat screens

Key achievements

  • Earnings growth of 16%

  • € 160 million capacity expansion program announced for NMC cathode materials in China and Korea

  • Successful launch of the sustainable cobalt supply framework


Umicore treats complex waste streams containing precious and other speciality metals. The operations can recover some 20 of these metals from a wide range of input materials ranging from industrial residues to end-of-life materials. Other activities include production of precious metals based materials that are essential for applications as diverse as high-tech glass production, electrics and electronics.

Key figures

€ 641m Revenues

€ 125m Recurring EBIT

Main industries served

  • Non-ferrous metals mining and refining
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Chemicals
  • Optics and displays
  • Precious metals

Main end uses

Jewellery, high-quality glass, investment bars, power distribution, heating, ventilation and cooling installations, nitric acid production

Key achievements

  • ROCE of 26%

  • Completion of capacity increase investments in Hoboken, Belgium

  • Continued conflict free smelter certification of all Umicore smelters for gold