Annual report 2016


Our performance

We have set ourselves challenging strategic targets for 2020. And we are making clear progress in most areas.

2020 Objective and target 2016 Results Key developments

Achieve leadership

Confirm our strong position and uniqueness in clean mobility materials offering and recycling processes

Revenue growth +3%

  • Capacity expansion in cathode materials makes Umicore a clear leader in this domain
  • Completion of capacity investments in the Hoboken plant (Recycling) 
  • One of the 3 global leaders in automotive emission control

Increase earnings

At least double the size of recurring EBIT compared to 2014 and excluding the discontinued operations

REBIT increase +26% vs 2014

  • Strong earnings growth due to increased contribution from Catalysis and Energy & Surface Technologies
  • Ramp up of recently completed investments added to scale effects 

Rebalance portfolio

Ensure a more balanced distribution of earnings between the three business segments

Catalysis and E&ST earnings grew in absolute and relative terms 

  • Strong growth in sales of automotive catalysts and cathode materials
2020 Objective and target 2016 Results Key developments

Sustainable supply

Secure our supply and promote our closed loop business offering

Criticality mapping done for 9 out of 11 business units

  • Risk mapping conducted to define the criteria for materials criticality at business unit level and to identify mitigation actions to ensure security of sourcing
  • Third party assurance that our cobalt supplies conform to our sustainable procurement framework for cobalt

Sustainable products & services

Develop products that create sustainable value for our customers or society

62% of total revenues from clean mobility and recycling

  • Strong portfolio of products and services contributing to clean mobility and recycling
  • Economic benefits and overall resource saving through closed loop for germanium
2020 Objective and target 2016 Results Key developments

Efficient operations

Achieve a higher energy efficiency

7% improvement in energy efficiency vs 2015 benchmark

  • In 2016, 36 energy efficiency projects were implemented
2020 Objective and target 2016 Results Key developments


Achieve zero accidents

59 accidents vs 47 in 2015

  • Safety performance worsened for the third straight year. One fatality in Brazil
  • Initiation of a risk competence project to raise the awareness level of safety risks and embed a safety culture


Achieve no excess readings

3.2% excess readings

  • Increase in the excess readings from biomonitoring
  • Indium added to the list of the tracked biomarkers

People engagement

Make further improvements in talent attraction & retention, diversity management and employability

4.1% of voluntary leavers

  • Introduction of a voluntary target of 15% of women in senior management functions
  • Junior management program to foster international experience and diversity thinking
  • Employee access to the Umicore digital learning platform extended