Annual report 2016


Risk management

We take a balanced approach to managing risk and seizing opportunities. This gives us the best means of achieving our strategic goals.

Managing risk effectively

The aim of our risk management system is to enable the company to identify the main issues that could impact our business and manage or mitigate them to an acceptable level wherever possible. The main risks and opportunities are explained below.


Regulatory and legal context

Umicore is exposed to the evolution of the regulatory and legal context in the countries and regions in which it operates.

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Sustainable and ethical supply

Some of our raw materials are comparatively scarce and require very specific sourcing strategies.

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Technology and substitution

The choice and development of innovative materials and processes represents the biggest opportunity and risk for Umicore.

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Umicore is sensitive to any major demand growth or market disruptions in the sectors and regions we serve.

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Metal price

Umicore's earnings are exposed to risks relating to the prices of the metals which we process or recycle.

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Talent attraction and retention

Attracting and retaining the right people is key in enabling Umicore to fulfill its strategic ambitions.

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