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G17 Risk categorization

Umicore faces risks that in broad terms can be categorized as follows:

Strategic: including risks related to macro-economic and financial conditions, technological changes, corporate reputation, political and legislative environment.

Operational: including risks related to changing customer demand, supply of raw materials, distribution of products, credit, production, labour relations, human resources, IT infrastructure, occupational health and safety, emission control, impact of current or past activities on the environment, product safety, asset and data security, disaster recovery.

Financial: including risks related to treasury, tax, forecasting and budgeting, accuracy and timeliness of reporting, compliance with accounting standards, metal price and currency fluctuation, hedging.

Most industrial companies would normally expect to face a combination of the risks listed above. It is not the intention to provide exhaustive details on each risk posed to the Company in this report. However, the most noteworthy strategic and operational risks either in their relevance to Umicore and its strategic goals or in the Company’s way of dealing with them have been highlighted below. Financial risks are discussed in greater detail in note F3 to the Consolidated Financial Statements.