About us

Umicore has a unique position in clean mobility materials and recycling

Using our metallurgy, chemistry and materials science expertise, we provide clean mobility solutions for four automotive platform types and we recycle the materials at the end of their lifespan. This closed-loop business model is our differentiator and continues to define how we run our business and build our strategy.

Our automotive catalysts clean the exhaust gases from internal combustion engines for all types of light- and heavy-duty vehicles and our rechargeable battery materials and automotive catalysts power hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full electric vehicles. We produce catalysts for fuel cells and for static or industrial applications.

Umicore operates one of the world’s most sophisticated precious metals recycling facilities and our plants can recover 28 precious and non-ferrous metals from feed including industrial residues, electronic scrap, batteries, automotive and industrial catalysts and fuel cells. Recovered materials are transformed into pure metals or new products. We also provide recycling services to help maximize customers’ efficiency.

We develop customized materials with processes that accommodate health and safety, recyclability, cost efficiency, waste reduction and energy efficiency, in our own facilities and throughout the value chain.

Our success depends on balancing the economic, environmental and social impact of our operations.

Our integrated approach to sustainability minimizes the impact of our industrial operations and our commitment to ethical and responsible sourcing delivers value and distinguishes us from our competitors.

Umicore’s positive impact enhances quality of life through products and services, reduces harmful vehicle emissions, gives new life to used metals and powers the cars of the future.

Our mission: Materials for a better life

We believe that the materials at the core of today’s life are a key element in furthering the progress of mankind and will continue to be enablers for future value creation. We believe that the efficient and infinite recyclability of metal-related materials makes them vital for sustainable products and services. We want Umicore to be a leader in providing and creating material-based solutions which contribute to fundamentally improving quality of life.