Three complementary business groups

Complementarity of Umicore’s activities continues to give us a true competitive edge

Our operations are divided into three business groups, each consisting of decentralized business units that serve multiple end markets (automotive being the most sizeable). Within these three business groups the focus is on areas in which Umicore not only adds value but can excel and is recognized as market leader by our customers.

Our ambition is to be the preferred partner of our customers. We are committed to the growth of our business through the competence of our people, excellence in operations and technological innovation. 

We have a unique portfolio of mutually reinforcing activities in which every business group, unit and department has an important role to play in achieving our ambition to be the circular materials technology company.

Automotive Catalysts

Leading producer of emission control catalysts for gasoline and diesel on-road and non-road applications, power generation and industrial processes to meet environmental standards around the world.

Fuel Cells & Stationary Catalysts

Leading player in emissions control catalysts for industrial plants and shipping, and supply state-of-the-art fuel cell catalysts for zero emission mobility and green hydrogen production.

Precious Metals Chemistry

Experts in metals-based catalysis for life-enhancing applications. Emission treatment technologies, cancer treatments, the production of fine chemicals and advanced electronics – all are made possible with our organometallic technology know-how.

Cobalt & Specialty Materials

Experts in sourcing, production and distribution of cobalt and nickel products. Our materials are at the heart of everyday products such as rechargeable batteries, tools, paints and tyres. Our recycling and refining processes, give new life to cobalt and other metals.

Electro-Optic Materials

Leading supplier of material solutions for the space, optics and electronics sectors, including products for thermal imaging, wafers for space solar cells, high brightness LEDs and chemicals for fiber optics.

Metal Deposition Solutions

World leader in supplying products for (precious) metal-based electroplating and PVD coating of surfaces in the nano and micrometre range. The highest demand for our solutions comes from products in daily use or the solutions that enable their production in the first place.

Rechargeable Battery Materials

Pioneer in battery materials and a leader in cathode material supplies for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to power electric vehicles, giving them added range and performance.

Battery Recycling Solutions

Leader in closed-loop technology for rechargeable batteries. We use proprietary high-quality recycling processes to recover all valuable metals in an environmentally sound manner. We offer a unique sustainable and circular approach.

Jewelry & Industrial Metals

Experts in developing products and processes based on precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. Our customers use these materials to make fine jewelry, coins, high-purity glass and industrial catalysts. We provide our customers with sustainable and responsible sourcing of these metals and closed-loop recycling.

Precious Metals Management

We supply and handle all precious metals, ensuring physical delivery by using both the output of our precious metals refineries and our network of industrial partners and banks. We offer our customers tailor-made solutions for delivering, hedging and trading precious metals.

Precious Metals Refining

Experts in treating the most complex materials and operator of the world’s most sophisticated precious metals recycling facility. Our refining and recycling technology gives used metals a new life, while our processes add value to the circular economy.

This strong portfolio and solid foundations provide the ideal starting point for our onward journey to 2030. 

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