Excellence in execution

Operational excellence, digitalization and continuous learning will keep us ahead

With the speed at which our world is changing and the scaling up of our business, performance is key and the Umicore teams play a key role. At Umicore, we strive for excellence in everything we do.

With the future scale of our organization, the pace of change in our industry, the stronger connection with our customers and the financial requirements of our strategic plans, we need to excel at everything we do.

Transformation to a faster, bigger, bolder Umicore hinges on our continued operational excellence. Our customers trust us because we deliver on our promises. To meet our growth trajectory, we will need to ramp up our operations while ensuring that we continue to excel in meeting their demands. Throughout the Group, we continuously ask: What more can we do to fulfil the needs of our customers even better? How can we do that more efficiently? Can we further optimize our processes? Can we further simplify logistics? How can we help them improve their sustainability performance?

Excellence in execution whether in operations, upscaling, modular plant design, continuous de-bottlenecking and value creation or transformation of the organization to cope with huge growth requirements will be key to fulfilling our growth trajectory.

With this future scale up of our organization and the pace at which the world around us is changing, speed is of the essence. That’s where digitalization goes hand in hand with operational excellence and is vital for us to succeed. Digitalization is ongoing throughout many areas of our company, including optimizing production processes, monitoring energy consumption, tracking emissions, safety and training, product sampling, to name a few.

We are convinced that these four pillars are the key drivers to achieve our ambitions across all parts of Umicore. Aligning around these pillars will encourage and enable us all to work together, share our knowledge and leverage our collective strengths.

With this new 2030 RISE Strategy we will be faster, bigger, bolder.

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