Chief Executive Officer

See Responsibilities & Team

Responsibilities Mathias Miedreich

  • Corporate R&D
  • Human Resources
  • Group Communications & Investor Relations

Team Mathias Miedreich

Evelien Goovaerts

VP Group Communications & Investor Relations

Antoine Lessard

Chief of Staff

Céline van Haute

SVP Human Resources

Yves Van Rompaey

SVP Corporate Research & Development

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Chief Financial Officer

See Responsibilities & Team

Responsibilities Wannes Peferoen

  • Finance
  • Risk Management
  • Information Systems
  • Lead Technology & Innovation Board
  • Lead Digital & Operational Excellence Board

Team Wannes Peferoen

Pierre Hautfenne

VP Group Treasury

Flavia Leone

VP Group Tax

Joris Peeters

SVP Information Systems

Benoit Stevens

VP Group Accounting & Controlling

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Chief Strategy Officer

See Responsibilities & Team

Responsibilities Frank Daufenbach

  • Corporate Development
  • Government Affairs
  • New Business Incubation & Digitalization
  • Strategic Projects

Team Frank Daufenbach

Geert Bens

VP Strategic Projects

Wouter Ghyoot

VP Government Affairs

Olivier Ghyssens

VP Corporate Development

Tom Krekels

Head of Strategic Insights and Analysis

Amada Montesdeoca Santana

Director Open Innovation

Pierre van de Bruaene

SVP Strategic Projects

Patrick Vermeulen

SVP Digitalization

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EVP ESG and General Counsel

See Responsibilities & Team

Responsibilities Géraldine Nolens

  • Legal
  • Environment, Health & Safety
  • Environmental, Social & Governance
  • Enterprise Risk Management & Insurance
  • Internal Audit
  • Corporate Security
  • North America

Team Géraldine Nolens

Natalia Agüeros

Director ESG Strategy & Engagement

Jens Blechschmidt

Head of Internal Audit

Baudouin Caeymaex

Head of Legal Corporate

Mark Caffarey

President Umicore USA

Philippe Fornage

SVP Environment, Health & Safety

Kristl Matton

Head of Corporate Security

Bart Smets

Head of Risk and Insurance

Tom Vandebosch

SVP Legal

Peter Zadora

Director ESG Acceleration

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Executive Vice-President Recycling

See Responsibilities & Team

Responsibilities Denis Goffaux

  • Precious Metals Refining
  • Jewelry & Industrial Metals
  • Battery Recycling Solutions
  • Metal Deposition Solutions
  • Electro-Optic Materials
  • Japan

Team Denis Goffaux

Thomas Engert

SVP Metal Deposition Solutions

Atsuya Hanazawa

President Umicore Japan

Geert Hennebel

VP Electro-Optic Materials

Franz-Josef Kron

SVP Jewelry & Industrial Metals

Johan Ramharter

SVP Precious Metals Refining

Kurt Vandeputte

SVP Battery Recycling Solutions

Personal Video

Executive Vice-President Catalysis

See Responsibilities & Team

Responsibilities Bart Sap

  • Automotive Catalyts
  • Precious Metals Chemistry
  • Precious Metals Management
  • Fuel Cell & Stationary Catalysis
  • Procurement & Transportation
  • Umicore Marketing Services
  • South America

Team Bart Sap

Sybolt Brouwer

VP Procurement Transport & FT

Enrico Cisco

VP Controlling & IT

Stephanie Dam

SVP AC Operations

Bernhard Fuchs

SVP Precious Metals Management

Lawrence Li

VP AC China

Wilfried Müller

SVP Global Sales & Marketing

Lothar Mussmann

SVP Product Management

Geert Olbrechts

SVP Research & Tech and Supply

Joakim Reimer ThØgersen

SVP Fuell Cell & Stationary Catalysts

Andreas Tiefenbacher

SVP South America

Jensen Verhelle

SVP Precious Metals Chemistry

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Executive Vice-President Energy & Surface Technologies

See Responsibilities & Team

Responsibilities Ralph Kiessling

  • Rechargeable Battery Materials
  • Cobalt & Specialty Materials
  • China

Team Ralph Kiessling

Erik Brijs

VP Controlling & IT RBM & CSM

Michiel de Jonge


Ignace de Ruijter


David Fong

SVP and Country Manager Greater China

Stephan Jannis

SVP Supply & Value Chain RBM & CSM

Jundong Lu


Geon-Seog Son


Jörg von Roden

SVP Sales & Business Development, RBM

Personal Video

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