Reliable transformation partner

Reliability is our trademark

We listen to our customers, build a relationship of trust, while providing cutting-edge technologies that transform them into more sustainable and circular businesses.

Reliability has always been our trademark. In today’s fast-paced changing world reliability is more important than ever. Reliability is a key differentiator for our partners when choosing who they want to rely on for the upcoming mobility transformation and to face today’s societal and business challenges.

Being a reliable transformation partner means more than simply supplying technology. It means building and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers; listening to them; focusing on solving their issues; and supporting them in becoming sustainable and circular companies. 

Our business model has always been a partnership model with each of our 11 Business Units playing a vital role in creating value for our customers throughout the supply chain.

We strongly believe that this is our way to an even more successful future. Umicore is the only company that can provide car manufacturers with key technologies for all drivetrains - battery electric vehicles (EV), fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) and internal combustion engines (ICE) - and offer closed-loop recycling services to recover the metals at the end of their lifespan.

Umicore operates one of the world’s most sophisticated precious metals recycling facilities and we can recover 28 precious and non-ferrous metals from feed including industrial residues, electronic scrap, li-ion batteries, automotive and industrial catalysts and fuel cells. Recovered materials are transformed into pure metals or new products. 

The Automotive Catalysts business unit provides catalytic solutions for clean mobility until the internal combustion engine fades out. With the knowledge of, and strategic relations with, the automotive industry, Automotive Catalysts is one of the rocket boosters of the Umicore Group. Recycling is another booster and will become even more important as the industry transitions to a more circular business model. 

For our automotive customers, being a reliable transformation partner means continuing to excel in innovation, ESG and operations. Umicore is still an ESG frontrunner when it comes to our ambitious CO2 commitments and production of sustainable materials.

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