Rising today to transform tomorrow

Umicore is entering a new phase in its history with the ambition to build a significantly larger business as a circular materials technology company. A business that is built on profitable and sustainable growth with tangible value for our stakeholders. Based on our unique, historical metallurgical, material science and chemical competences that underly our activities, and with our unique portfolio of mutually reinforcing activities, we are well-positioned to succeed. 



Reliability is our trademark

We listen to our customers, build a relationship of trust, while providing cutting-edge technologies that transform them into more sustainable and circular businesses.


Innovation &

Innovation is a no-brainer!

Umicore is already an Innovation and technology leader today, pioneering in chemistry, material science and metallurgy. Our future success relies on this innovation and technological edge. 



Sustainability is in our DNA

Our mission is to be an industry leader in sustainability; it is not only about minimizing the impact of our operations on the climate and our planet, but also about maximizing our positive impact.


in execution

Operational excellence will keep us ahead

With the speed at which our world is changing and the scaling up of our business, performance is key and the Umicore teams play a key role. At Umicore, we strive for excellence in everything we do.

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