Good corporate governance is essential for our long-term success. This implies an effective decision-making process based on a clear allocation of responsibilities. That’s why Umicore developed the Corporate Governance Charter, detailing all governance structures, procedures and policies in place. 

Supervisory Board

Management Board

Leadership Overview

Leadership is provided by the Supervisory Board, which is responsible for Umicore’s general policy and strategy, while the Management Board, led by the CEO, is responsible for managing the company.

Management Approach

The Umicore Way, the cornerstone of everything we do at Umicore, is the basis of our management approach. It is supplemented by detailed company codes, setting guidelines throughout the company.

Risk & Opportunities

The aim of our risk management system is to enable the company to identify risks and opportunities in a proactive and dynamic way and manage or mitigate them to an acceptable level wherever possible.

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